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 At Sweet Somethings Bakery we love all things bakery.

We thrive on quality and we love ambition and the expectation, spirit and pleasure.

We love bakery history, old bakers, bakery nostalgia and classic storefronts.

We love that families attach themselves to bakeries for generations.

We love that bakeries are tied to the heart of communities and that bakery lovers

walk into our bakery everyday.

We love our Mississippi and the county of Jones and we are proud supporters of our community. We are proud to serve and represent the City of Laurel, the Laurel Main Street Association and Ben & Erin Napier and all of the wonderful people with our bakery.

Thank you all from,

Jamie and Joseph and Sweet Somethings Bakery!

Just a hint of what's to come?

Our ole time Ice Cream Parlor

Some of our great morning customers!!