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Photo Albums

SWEET SOMETHINGS BAKERY SWEET SOMETHINGS BAKERY Sweets Somethings Bakery in Downtown Laurel 202176048 Sweet Somethings at Sunset Beautiful Sunset on Laurel Main Street! 202176052 Our beautiful customers enjoying our bakery 202176049 Ben and Erin at Sweet Somethings Grand Opening doing interview for HGTV. 202183261 The original location for our beautiful building in the late twenties was Ross Grocery 202183421 Our Laurel Main Street area during Christmas in the 50's 202183422 Our Laurel Main Street area during Christmas in the 60's 202183262 202359281 202359283 202359285 202359288 202359289 GRAND OPENING June 14th 2016 "GRAND OPENING" of the Laurel, Downtown "SWEET SOMETHINGS BAKERY" 202379044 202426118 Our girls at work 202426119 202426120 202426121 202426122 202426123 One of our great friends Ben. Thank you Ben and Erin for all of your help and support for all that you have done and all we plan to do. 202426124